Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I saw red.

Look, I said I wasn’t drunk, okay? I know what I saw on Halloween night. And what I felt. I remember the incredible sensation of having my pussy and asshole stretched to their absolute limits. Honest to God – although maybe that’s a poor choice of words,
considering – it was the most magnificent cock I’ve ever seen. When I recall taking that big, beautiful dick inside my body, I am not sure whether I should shudder, play with myself or jump in front of a train.

Have you ever let a guy screw you, and enjoyed the hell out of the experience, but wondered the next day what you were thinking? Multiply those morning heebie-jeebies by about a zillion, and you will be halfway to knowing how I feel.

What really sucks is that I have to confess it was the most mind-blowingly greatest sex of my life. I felt like I came from every single pore of my body.

That takes care of the shuddering and wanting to “work out at the Y.” As for the third option, well, that would only be playing into his hands, wouldn’t it?

It was my roommate Jilly’s idea for us to go to the party as each other’s date. We woke up under her covers together on Halloween morning. Jilly has the top bunk in our dorm room. My lower one usually is covered with books and CDs and all kinds of other crap, so we sleep together in her bunk a lot. Both of us are on the petite side, so there is plenty of room. Plus we like to “mess around” sometimes.

It’s not like we are lesbians or anything. Both of us are very into men, thank you very much. But sometimes a girl likes to be kissed and cuddled by another girl. Especially when that girl’s complete asshole of a boyfriend has just dumped her for a stupid, flat-chested bitch he met at a weekend kegger.

Jilly is a real beauty. She is part Native American, with copper skin and long, silky black hair. She knew exactly what I needed when she got home from one of her late classes the night before. I had left my bunk even more cluttered than normal.

“Looks like somebody wants a good licking,” she said, taking off her coat.

I blushed. “Too obvious?”

“Way. But that’s okay.” She put her arms around me. I love the way Jilly kisses. She hardly uses any pressure at all, so our lips barely touch, but that only makes it sexier. I ran my hands up and down her narrow back. I could feel through her bouse that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her perfect little boobs were so firm, she doesn’t need one.

We got out of our clothes and climbed into Jilly’s bed. If any man ever touched me the way Jilly does, I would marry him in a heartbeat. She goes nice and slow, moving her fingers so gently, they wouldn’t make a ripple in a pool. She tweaks my nipples just hard enough, making them nice and stiff. She massages my mound for a good, long time before slipping a finger between my pussy lips.

Jilly always sucks hard on my tits when she finger-fucks me. I love the way she uses her thumb on my clitty at the same time. Getting her for a roommate was one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me, that’s for sure.

The girls in one of the rooms next door pounded on the wall when I got loud. I couldn’t help myself. Jilly was licking my clit and squeezing both of my titties at the time. I came like a siren going off. When we woke up in each other’s arms the next morning, I was definitely a happy girl.

She knew I had planned on going with David to the Halloween gig that one of the dorms was throwing. I already had picked up our costumes before David broke up with me over the phone. Our rented outfits were in my closet.

“Screw him,” Jilly said. “I’ll be your date. Maybe we can find you a new boyfriend who isn’t such a prick. I’ll wear his costume, since it’s already paid for.”

“It would be way too big on you,” I said.

“Hey, that will only make me look cuter!”

She turned out to be right. The costume David would have worn was a 1920s-style pinstriped “zoot suit,” complete with dangling silver watch fob, gray fedora and black-and-white spats. After using some pins to shorten the legs and draw in the waist, Jilly looked so good, I took a picture of her.

I was her “flapper” girlfriend, with a fringed mini dress that barely covered my crotch, a sequined headband, white stockings and ruffled black garters. The lady who ran the costume shop said my boobs were bigger than a real flapper’s would be. But she added, “I’m sure the boys won’t mind.”

So, okay, Jilly and I went to the party. And who was the first person we see? That prick David, making out in the corner with the sleazy whore he dumped me for. I felt like jabbing her with my foot-long cigarette holder. Jilly steered me toward the basement stairs before I could make a scene.

“A girl who lives here said they went nuts with the haunted-house decorations,” she said. “Let’s go check them out.”

The dorm was three six-story buildings joined at the corners in a “U” shape, with a basement that extended under all three. That made for a lot of rooms, alcoves and hallways to fix up down there.

It was dark and creepy, with lots of fake spiderwebs and rag curtains over doorways. Organ music with intermittent screams and groans came over hidden speakers. A bunch of guys had been enlisted to jump out wearing costumes and scare the crap out of people.

The decorating committee definitely had gone all out. Jilly and I managed to get separated in a cardboard maze. I pushed against one panel, making and opening where two of the “walls” were not joined very well. I squeezed though, planning to sneak to the end and scare Jilly when she emerged.

Instead, I found myself in a pitch-black hallway, feeling my way. I turned a corner and saw a sliver of red light under a door. I pushed that door open.


The room looked like it might be a TV lounge the rest of the year, but the light bulbs had been replaced with red ones. Plus there were lit candles everywhere, some really powerful incense was burning and the thermostat must have been turned up to “bake.” Whatever was blaring from the stereo was gloomy enough to give Trent Renzor the willies.

Sitting in the middle of all this, with his muscular legs spread and his outstretched arms resting on the backs of the sofa cushions, was a red guy with no clothes on. He wasn’t red because of the lighting. His skin was the color red, from his handsome face down to his bare feet, and including the big, stiff dick sticking out from his body.

Oh, and he also had horns, little stubby ones that curled up from his forehead.

Any sensible girl in my situation would have excused herself and backed away. Or maybe let out a shriek, turned tail and run.

But if you could have seen this guy, you would know why I stuck around. Not to sound shallow, but he looked like a prime candidate for “sexiest man alive.” He was so good looking, he made my pussy itch. Dark, curly hair; square jaw; broad shoulders; an oiled chest that was straight out of a body-building magazine; six-pack abs; and Jesus Christ what a cock.

Face it, guys: Any girl who says penis size doesn’t matter is just trying to make you feel good. Give any of us a choice, and we will go for the big dick every time.

The devil on the sofa had a red cock as big around as my forearm, and just about as long. Even though his dick was hard enough to be sticking up at an angle from his jet-black pubic hair, his foreskin still surrounded most of his swollen cockhead. His balls hung like two eggs in a red leather pouch.

I looked into his black eyes. “Welcome to hell,” he said. “Why don’t you join me?” He patted a place on the sofa.

Understand, normally I’m not a first-date-fuck kind of girl. Still, at that moment, all I could think about was getting this stranger’s thick, pulsing cock in my pussy. Maybe it was lust at first sight. Or maybe it was something more demonic.

I tried to act cool as I sat on the sofa. But my eyes kept returning to the stranger’s dick. I never had seen one that big around. What woman wouldn’t want to feel a cock like that stretching her open?

“You’ve been a good girl all your life, haven’t you?” he said. His voice was very deep.

I decided to play along. “Maybe too good,” I said. I wondered how he got his horns to stay on. They looked very realistic, the way they seemed to come right out of his forehead.

He cocked an eyebrow. “Are you saying that you want to be bad?”

This guy was too much. I couldn’t believe he could be so totally laid-back while he was sitting there naked with a stiffie.

“I definitely want to be bad right now,” I said. I batted my eyes, pursed my lips, and ran a finger down his bare chest. If he was going to be the devil, I would be the flirtatious flapper I was dressed as.

None of his red skin coloring came off on my finger.

“Are you willing to smoke the devil’s pipe?” he said. The way he was looking in my eyes, combined with the stifling room temperature, made me hot in both senses of the term.

I wanted to smoke his pipe, all right. I gave him a smile, leaned over and took his beautiful dick in my hand. I tugged the cowl of his foreskin down from his bulging cockhead. That smooth head was as red as the rest of his body, all the way around, even under the ridge.

I took his big cock in my mouth. Whatever he had used to color his skin had no flavor. All I could taste was his warm, slightly salty flesh. I bobbed up and down. His hard-on seemed to get even bigger as I sucked it. I was only able to take about half of its length. When I took my mouth away, that top half was still as red as the rest.

“Show me your pussy,” he said. His tone of voice managed to sound casual and commanding at the same time. I had the feeling nobody ever told him “no.”

I stood in front of him. I reached between my shoulder blades for the zipper of my fringed mini dress. I let the dress fall around my ankles. He made no move to help me take off my bra and panties. Most guys want to be in on that part, but he just sat and watched.

My body was covered in sweat. I unhooked my bra and shrugged it off, freeing my big boobs. I skinned down my bikini panties. When I started to roll down my white stockings, he said, “Don’t.”

He had taken his cock in his hand and was stroking it, covering and uncovering its fat head with his red foreskin. That looked so dirty and completely shameless, it made my mouth water. I was so turned on that the tops of my inner thighs felt wet.

“Come here and sit on my cock,” he said.

I stepped toward him. I put a knee on either side of his body on the sofa cushions, so my crotch was above his. He still had his dick in his fist. He rubbed his cockhead back and forth on the oily slit between my pussy lips. When he put his hot mouth on one of my nipples and sucked, I sat down hard on his rigid pole, taking the whole thing at one time.

I threw back my head and groaned as I sat there with his gigantic dick inside me. When I started hunching up and down on it, every second was like a climax. My pussy lips were stretched open so wide that my clit rubbed directly against his tool.

The curving undersides of his little horns pressed against my chest as he sucked my nipples. I felt him push two fingers up my asshole. I was on fire, bucking and moaning and yelping like a slut who couldn’t get enough. One thing was for sure: This devil was doing one hell of a good job of making me forget my boyfriend.

We must have fucked that way for an hour, me bucking up and down on his lap, until I felt his cock swell and spurt inside my creamy cunt. His semen squished out all around the base of his dick.

But he didn’t go soft.

He rolled me onto my back and stuck his huge prick back inside my pussy. He placed my heels on his shoulders, so he could fuck me deep. He pulled out long enough to eat my pussy for a good, long time. Then his cock was inside me again. The next time he pulled out, he shot what looked like a pint of cum onto my belly and tits. I rubbed it into my skin, then licked the palms of my hands.

He still didn’t go soft.

He turned me over so I was on all fours, with my butt in the air. He held my sweaty cheeks apart and gave me a rimjob that was so great, I thought I was losing my mind. I heard myself begging him to fuck me in the ass.

I think my soul actually left my body at the point when his red dick was balls-deep in my ass. I groaned with every thrust. I reached down to play with my clit while he buggered me. The I heard him groan. He pushed all the way in and came for the third time that night. I could feel his hot sperm filling up my ass.

He pulled his still-stiff dick from my asshole. I was so fucked out and tired by then that all I wanted to do was fall asleep in his strong arms. I was surprised to see him walk behind the sofa.

“I am quite sure that I will be seeing you again,” he said. “Sooner or later.”

Nobody believes the next part. Jilly says it must have been some kind of magician’s trick. All I know is that I saw a puff of red smoke, smelled something like burnt matches and all of a sudden my mystery man was gone. I searched behind the sofa. Heck, I searched the whole room. Nothing.

Then I fell asleep.

A couple of girls who live in that dorm found me down there the next morning. They assumed I had passed out after too much drinking. I asked them who had played the devil.

They looked at each other like I was nuts. One of them said, “We didn’t have a devil.” They seemed very annoyed about all of the melted candles in the room.

Jilly says the guy was just some smart-ass with red skin dye and superglued horns who saw an opportunity and made the most of it. She tells me that I am sure to meet up with him again. Sooner or later.

I haven’t quite worked out whether that would be a good thing. But then again – what the hell?


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